Sunday, September 21, 2008

Liu Sola

Liu Sola is a composer, author, and .

She has worked with James Blood Ulmer, Jerome Bailey, Wu Man, Henry Threadgill, Umar Bin Hassan, and Bill Laswell.

She is influenced by Chinese folk music, though she has also studied opera, and following her love of Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin toured the Mississippi Delta studying blues and playing with blues musicians. In the mid-80's she led an all female psychedelic Pink Floyd influenced band and in 1988 formed a reggae band.

In September 2001 she founded the New Folk Big Band in China.



*''Ni Bie Wu Xuanze 你别无选择'' (1985)
*''Blue Sky Green Sea''(1985)
*''In Search of the King Of Singers''(1986)


*''Chaos And All''
*''大继家的小故事'' ''Small Tales of the Great Ji Family''
*(''女贞汤'')''Female Purity Soup''(2003)
*''La Piccola Storia Della Grande Famiglia Ji''


*''Fantasy of the Red Queen''(2006)


*''Blues in the East''
*''China Collage''
*''June Snow''(1998)
*''Spring Snowfall''(2000)
*''Sola and Friends'' (1999)

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