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Li Yu (author)

Li Yu was a Chinese playwright, novelist and publisher. Born in Rugao, he lived in late- and early- dynasties.

Li was an actor, producer, and director as well as a playwright, who traveled with his own troupe. His play ''Fengzheng Wu'' remains a favourite of the Chinese Kun opera stage.

Li is the presumed author of ''Rouputuan'' , a well-crafted comedy and a classic of Chinese erotic literature. He also wrote a book of short stories called ''Shier Lou'' . In his time he was widely read, and appreciated for his daringly innovative subject matter. He broaches the topic of in the tale ''Cuiya Lou'' . This is a theme which he revisits in the collection ''Wusheng Xi'' .

The famous painting manual ''Jieziyuan Huazhuan'' was prefaced and published by Li in .


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