Sunday, September 21, 2008

Feng Menglong

Feng Menglong was a vernacular writer/poet of the late Ming Dynasty. He was born in then Changzhou now Suzhou in Jiangsu Province.

Feng was a proponent of the school of which supported the importance of human feelings and behavior in literature. Most of his literary work was in editing and compiling histories, almanacs, novels, etcetera. Two noteworthy novels of his are ''Pingyao Zhuan'' and ''Qing Shi''. Another of his novels has recently drawn more attention and turned into a TV show is ''Dongzhou Lieguo Zhi'' . In 1620 he published the ''Gujin Xiaoshuo'' .


*''Pingyao Zhuan''
*''Qing Shi''
*''Gujin Xiaoshuo'' published , also known as ''Yushin Mingyan''

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